I’m on Facebook!



10 thoughts on “I’m on Facebook!

  1. Congrats, I’m also on FB but I don’ like it anymore so much, Did you try also IFB ? I became a member this week but the people are so aggressive, ( everybody wants become your friend as soon the saw my new membership) that for me it was just too much and now I have to find out how to cut ??? Bye !!!

      1. Yes right ! I’ve already with facebook and other stuf many things to read and can’t also read from them over 20 each day so I quit, the only thing that I’m displeased that there were so many variated blogs of moda from where you can create a lot of interesting articles ! Hope to hear from you soon, xoxo !!!

      2. I know! It’s so hard to keep up with all these interesting blogs out there! I try to read the blogs I follow each week and I have to save some time to do it! And then the articles and magazines…it’s hard 🙂 lol but it’s fun right??? xoxo 🙂

      3. I have to confess you something……………. I’m addicted to it !!! For me standing 10 days without was a hell the only POSITIVE thing was that my husband and kids said “oh mum how fine spending more time with us” ! Now I’m looking for a tabled because we are going on vacation to Sicily and I have to stay in contact with you guys !!! So I wish you a very pleasant weekend and have fun !!! xoxo

      4. Ohh Sicily! That’s so lovely! My brother in law went there last month and they loved it! I’ve never been to Italy although my Italian friends say wonders of it..it’s one of my special places I definitely wanna go soon! I’ll be back to my home country for the summer!!! So happy to be back and to embrace the hot summery weather of Portugal finally 🙂 I’ll do some posts on bikini’s when I’m there…. 🙂 can’t wait!!

      5. You really have to come to Italy it’s beautiful, every provinces have his own habit, food and dialect, I for example live in Emilia Romagna where they make homemade pasta (and for that you must be careful otherwise you become a ten tonner !).Oh you must be very happy to go back to your country, for me i’ts the same when I go to Holland, wouldn’t know as soon ! I have also prepared a article about bikini’s and today I went to our local market and had made some snapshots about it there. It’s sometimes difficult to have some new fresh idea and you have to look also out that you don’t imitate other bloggers but sometimes it can happen without to do it on purpass !!! It’s complicate but it’s woth it !!! Bye Bye I ‘m gonna look “Visitors” with my daughters ! xoxo

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