Fashion Crush! Cambridge Satchel!

Hello dear readers,

I’m loving this classic satchels since I first saw them a couple of months ago on a magazine! I even red the incredible story of it’s owner a business woman who was laughed at because she wanted to bring the Cambridge Satchel back!! Can you imagine?? Her first idea was that she though young people didn’t have a classic satchel available to them to carry their books and school supplies.She wanted it to be sturdy so kids could use it for a longer period too. The idea grew and it’s now becoming so trendy that every brand is doing their own interpretation of the satchel…have you noticed it? This bag has many styles: backpack, music bag, the designer, the batchel! They are old style bags but have a sense of fashion in them, who remembers them in the movie An Education?? Classic is always trendy right? The hot trend for this summer is their Fluoro colors collection, a neon color version of them. Going with the pink, orange, and yellow are the perfect way to jump into the neon trend and add a little brightness to your wardrobe. When you are shopping remember that the bag is quite narrow and you can always browse through youtube video to see what can you fit in your bag. It’s the safest way..I wanted a 11′ and turns out I needed a 13′ to carry all my ‘stuff’. I’m getting a red one.. schhh it’s a surprise 🙂 It will be here in 30 days..can’t wait that longgggg!

I love them all..which color is your favorite?? I love the classic green, pink and white 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Crush! Cambridge Satchel!

  1. I like the one color ones !! But I would be happy to own any of them :)) So please,send them to my place :))

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