Fashion Talk! Edinburgh!

Hello all,

My trip to Edinburgh was short but even so it inspired me to do a post on Kilts! Seriously we all all a man with a kilt right? Remember those William Lawson’s commercials? Great stuff, and whisky of course. A kilt is a garment with pleats and is originally a dress for men and young boys in the Scottish Highlands during the 16th century. Later in the 19th century is has been associated with Scotland in general and Scottish culture. They are made of wollen and can have different tartan patterns depending on the clan they originated from. The Kilt is used in formal occasions, highland games and sports events. Man wore them at their weddings, remember Trey
MacDougal in Sex and the City? Now the kilt patterns embrace all sorts of fashion, woman incorporate it in their gowns and man use it in fashion events. What do you think? I’m also posting my Edinburgh pictures! Hope you all like it!


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