Street Style!

Hello dear readers,

How have you been doing? the weather is not agreeing with me but as least it’s not raining! This is a photo of a London Fashion Design Student who is a friend of a friend. I absolutely had to take her photo, she had a lot of style and of course she understands it because she is studying it right? WHat do you think? It’s quite casual but it still looks pretty good! Now some of my stylish friend want to be in the street style feature, can you imagine? I had no idea it was becoming so popular! Today I’ll take a nice walk into town and enjoy a day of shopping. It would be really nice to just walk and go to stores with not a care in the world. Well I do deserve a break right? I work so hard.. 🙂 The weekend is here soon and I’ll be going to Edinburgh! I hope my camera doesn’t fail me like in London..where it lost its battery the last time ( bad camera, bad camera). I want to catch someone in a kilt, wouldn’t it be divine??? I can’t wait!




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