Fashion Talk! Wedding Gowns!

Hello readers!

I know I know! Kate & William’s one year wedding anniversary was yesterday but I was quite busy ( staying indoors listening to the wind and rain outside and reading a good book). Today the sun is bright and the temperature rose to 17ºC for a bit! Mainly 15 but it’s still excellent!!!!!!! So happy wedding anniversary Kate & William and for those who have been following my footsteps on twitter you know where I’ve been right? 🙂 Tomorrow will be another day of travelling so I wouldn’t be expecting a post early morning from me ( sorry readers).
In honor of the newly weds I decided to do a post on wedding gowns. If you were invited to the Royal wedding last year what would you wear? It’s quite hard because it was such a huge event and hats where such a bit deal remember?
So i’ve selected a few gowns that could do the trick! Let me now what you think!!! And also which color would be your favorite to wear at the wedding? Just remember no white right? Could you wear white?? You don’t wanna overshadow the bride that’s what they say!( if that was even possible – brides are always stunning and so so happy).

royal gowns




7 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Wedding Gowns!

  1. I love the no.1 dress! probably wouldn’t wear yellow though haha.. too bright for me.. maybe in babypink babyblue or mintgreen? ^^ and yes, I’m so glad the sun was out today too!!

    1. The 1st is Oscar della Renta! It’s just stunning! Glad you like it! I agree you need to have ‘balls’ to wear that kind of yellow! I would probably go for a more neutral color myself as well.

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