Fashion Talk! Spring Picnic!

Hello readers,

Today the weather is playing tricks on us. There is cold, wind gusts and rain and i refuse to accept this is how Spring will be like..I know it’s the UK but come on? Real feel -2? It’s almost May!! want SPRING.. That’s the main reason I haven’t posted any of the ‘Today I’m wearing this’ features,the maximum temperature here has been 10ºC on a good day.I wouldn’t wanna depress you all with winter clothes in mid Spring. Enough with the complaining right? Nobody likes a nag!
Now, drum roll if you please.
I bring you yet another girly spring look, complete with sunglasses and a straw hat! Ideal for a day in the sun, picnics with friends or reading outside underneath a big tree. Pick up your shoes and purse accordingly 🙂 Which one would you use and where???

Soft Pink




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