My style choices! 3 Everyday looks!

Dear readers,

Today I bring you three different looks that incorporate some of this Spring/Summer trends. The pastel trend of the first look that I’m sure is one of your favs gives us subtle but beautiful colors that make us all feel so Springy. The second look incorporates the ‘vintage look’ with the peter pan collar top and the lace shorts allied with the beautiful black and white flats. For the third look we have a a denim jacket. I confess that’s an item I never had in my wardrobe although I always thought the people who could pull it off were extremely cool.The look adds to the denim a flower pattern skirt, oxford shoes and a cream clutch. Let me know what you think? Which item is your favorite and would you wear any of these looks? 🙂

3 everyday looks



5 thoughts on “My style choices! 3 Everyday looks!

    1. Thank you!!! Your very sweet to say that! I find high heels uncomfortable and can only wear them for a few hours.I prefer flats or tennis shoes any day. I think you can be stylish without heels as well 🙂

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