My style choices! Pastel Dress!

Hello readers,

I’ve been nominating people today for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ and that makes me feel good. I wanted to nominate all the blogs I follow but I’ve already nominated twenty and I had to leave out comments letting them know about the nomination in each and every one of them. Hard work indeed, but they deserve it. Bloggers are today’s writers, the journalists of our fast moving information generation and they’ve been bringing us news, trends, photos, colors from all around the world. It’s amazing how technology can bring us all one step closer. Any how my last two posts were about the Versatile Blogger award which is a fun away to let people know which blogs are your favorites and keep the bloggers participating by checking out each other’s blogs and so on.

Today I bring you, yet another dress.. ( By now you know they are my favorites).

Enjoy the Spring.



Mint and Cream



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