Celebrity Style_ Gossip Girl

Hello readers,

I was browsing the internet and I found this nice photograph of Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl. I follow the series to some extend, as I’ve mentioned before it’s quite addictive and the clothes and actors so gorgeous. I love their looks a lot. Serena with the more casual and street style upbeat that she has and Blair with the more glam and princess look. The colors are so Spring that I though I’d share this image with you all!


















6 thoughts on “Celebrity Style_ Gossip Girl

  1. I totally watch that show for their outfits. They are so nice! Wish I had a lot of the clothing. those two are so beautiful and wear the clothes with such confidence that can pull anything off. This show has really become a trend starter.

  2. I agree with you Lynn! Gossip girl is a huge trend setter, just like Sex and the City was. I wish I had the clothes too! But I’m sure we look as gorgeous in high street fashion!!

    1. Thought the same as you do. I loveeee the clothes in GG, but it is hard to look as gorgeous as in high street fashion. It takes effort to have one’s own style!!

  3. Gossip Girl!!
    I cant say enough how much I love Blair!!! even when I hate all the silly drama and her always manipulating and comploting against others… but she’s so adorable, and I love her style!!! I want to look like that!!!

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