Today I wore this!

Hello readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you all what I wore today. I tried finding it online but all I could do was try and match the colors and shapes the best I could. The sweater is that color and mine is from Warehouse and has a nice texture. The shorts are from Promod and aren’t exactly that color, they are darker but still checkered. All the rest I managed to find. As I walk to my office I take my backpack with my computer and I also have another bag that I use to carry my lunch and other stuff I need! So there you go.. It’s hard to keep stylish when you also have to wear a big raincoat on top of you can see why I’m not feeling so glamorous these days! Wishing you all sunny days and cupcakes!

today i wore this





7 thoughts on “Today I wore this!

  1. I like your backpack, it’s hard to find a functionl backpack which looks stylish and I think you managed it 🙂

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