Today I got this! Makeup

Hello readers,

Today was cold, not sunny and with some you can imagine I didn’t really get on a bus to the city center to buy groceries. Unfortunately they don’t buy themselves, yes you can order online but them you don’t get the personal experience out of smelling the bread and strawberries for example. I went to boot as I was needing some supplies and I passed through Rimmel station there and saw this beautiful lipstick color called Firecracker ( just the name itself is great) from the ‘Lasting finish’ range. Well I don’t know the difference between lipsticks but this one was really nice with a coral pink red kind of color. Then I decided that my makeup wasn’t yet ready for this Spring pastel colors so as I was taking a look at eye shadows I saw this three beautiful colors from Max factor called Pajama Party, the name itself  was saying: buy me I’m cute. So i really had to take it with me so I’ll be able to give the Max Effect Trio eyeshadow a home. Have you tried any of these products? What do think? I tried the lipstick and the color is amazing! I’m not a make up expert but it looked nice. I’m going to try the eye shadow trio and let you know, meanwhile I was researching on you tube and I found a not so nice review of the eye show from a makeup artist saying that the colors don’t have enough pigment to have any impact..So I hope that’s not the case.


9 thoughts on “Today I got this! Makeup

  1. hello everyone, i believe every girl loves makeup cuz makeup brings out the real beauty in u and boosts ur confidence. just be natural.chao

    1. Turns out the colors lack pigmentation..they are quite discreet and very very light..I compared it with the eyeshadow I have from rimmel and the same amount of eye shadow doesn’t do the same you have to reapply a lot! But the colors are nice anyhow.. And now that I’ve got them I have to use them 🙂

  2. Did you you try it with a little bit of water? I usually do that, I wet the thing I use for applying it (sorry, dont know the name!!), and then it make the colors more intense

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