My style choices! Pastel looks!

Hello readers, I’ve noticed some comments asking how can someone try and use the pastel color palette trend for this Spring Summer jean’s wise. This trend was used a lot in the 80’s remember Miami Vice?? The beautiful people at the beach using a lot of light colors and getting tanned at the same time? Well It’s on again and we are usually used to having blue jeans and black jeans right? Well you can still work with that and incorporate something from this season, a bag or a top for example. This Spring/Summer we have a whole range of beautiful ice cream colors but the question is : how can we combine the bottoms with the tops? Well I don’t have all the answers but I can try and help. Use a simple white shirt or blouse ( you probably have one in your closet right?) and then accessorize it with a scarf, belt or bag, even nail polish can be used to match the jean color. Also in the top part you can totally embrace the pattern craze and go for a clashing color. Eg: If you have Mint jeans, go for light earth colors (browns, greens) or use a very colorful pattern top that incorporated a shade that would ‘melt’ the mint. Remember that Pastel color match well with other pastel colors and I’ve also made some looks using the pastel color jeans, specially for you. It was tricky and I hope you like them. What’s your favorite? What would you wear them with?

      Spring Summer Color Trends

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