My style choices! Sunday Look!


Pastel Blue and Beige


Hello readers,

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Spring was going strong and we could go outside and have barbecues and do picnics in the grass by a beautiful lake or even at the beach? Zipping colorful cocktails with colorful fruits and being sun kissed and having a healthy glow?

That would be really nice indeed! Unfortunately here in winter land UK that’s not happening. I wish I could be one of those people who could wear just what they wanted and didn’t feel any cold. I remember a Philosophy teacher back in my high school who would come to school always wearing shorts and a t-shirt.. regardless of the weather, if it would rain, be super cold or windy. He would wear the same ensemble.. I admired his will, he said that cold was psychological and  you could overcome it.. apparently he did.. But I didn’t and it’s cold for Spring dresses and bare feet so this is what I would wear if I could do all that.

Wouldn’t it be nice




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