My style choices_Pastel Pink and Brown

Hello readers,

It’s Saturday! Yeah! It’s still cold outside and from what my weather forecast phone app is telling me it’s around 4ºC…brrr. When is Spring going to kick in? I’ll get serious weather depression out here and I’ll have to vacation in Sahara’s desert to make up for all the cold I’ve been having this Spring. Well, in the meanwhile I prepared this look in this SS12 trendy colors. I hope you like it!

Creamy Pink Pastel



7 thoughts on “My style choices_Pastel Pink and Brown

  1. I love the look. I would wear it mayself but I would pick other shoes. But that’s my opinion, I know everybody loves these and even my sister has them so I can’t say a thing about that right? haha you have a nice blog! 🙂

    1. Which shoes would you pick then? I’m curious! I chose these ones because they are quite comfortable and I’m a practical girl who really enjoys flats! Thanks for commenting! xoxo

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