My flood choices!

Yes, for me, it’s definitely Friday the 13th…

Today and last night (curiously after midnight) I had some problems with the electric sockets around my kitchen area..which meant that: my fridge and freezer didn’t work as well as my microwave oven. During the night the ice from my freezer was melting into the carpet around the kitchen area and there was water everywhere.. So in homage to my conundrum ( notice how I used homage and conundrum in the same phrase – fancy!!) I decided to do a ‘Splash around the freezer water look’ for rainy days as my carpet and kitchen area felt like they went through a mini-flood. When you put in the word mini everything sounds cuter right? but it suc**d.. I had to cook all the remainders of my freezer and now my brie is extra I have to eat it now..(oh dear when is this nightmare going to end). 🙂

Everything is fine now..I’m having brie with bread and wine!

So I’ll be cheery and sparkly in no time!

mini xoxos

see how cute it looks when you add ‘mini’?



12 thoughts on “My flood choices!

  1. 2 days in a row the looks you have put together have inspired me, I’m now following you for daily wardrobe inspiration.

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