My style choices_Pastel Colors

Hello readers,

Today is still cold, not so rainy and a bit sunnier! I hope we are getting close to a good spring with temperatures above 15. For now all I see is 10! Let’s wish for the best. I’m still wearing my winter clothes and when walking off the sun i still feel a bit cold. Well forget all that and let’s just focus on the look I’m bringing you all. It’s colorful and pretty and all in this year’s pastel beautiful colors. We have yellow, we have blue and we have pink. What more can we ask to feel pastel pretty? I don’t know..a cupcake? I cupcake would be nice. Please do ‘circulate’ a cupcake my way if you please 😛 But these colors are truly inspiring, don’t you think? They feel all Spring and girly and bunnies with cotton tails don’t they? 🙂

Sorry I think the pastel pretty overload made me think I was in Ponyville or something! I’ll say something to clear the girly giggles mood: Cactus!

Did it work?

smile back




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