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Hello readers,

As I browse through magazines, websites and high street shops it’s hard to miss this year’s trend on textile design patterns. All these colors and beautiful prints remind be a lot of Gustav Klimt works (1862-1918). I looked around for photographs to compare Klimt’s work with this textile design pattern trend and found a beautiful Vogue photo shoot that I’ll share with you all.

Klimt was a an Austrian painter and one of the most well known members of the Vienna Secession movement. His work was highly symbolic and expressionist and is often regarded as Art Nouveau. He made his own concept of beauty, his primary subject was the female body , making large allegorical scenes and fashionable portraits using stylized shapes and a palette of colors that was very unique of his own work, mainly: gold (gold leaf) and metallic vibrant colors. His art is regarded as visually emotional and erotic because of the way he portrayed women ( let’s not forget it was the eighteenth century after all). The city of Vienna, Austria will have many special exhibitions commemorating Klimt’s 150th birthday in 2012. Happy 150’s birthday Klimt!


6 thoughts on “Fashion Talk_Patterns

  1. Love Klimt, and I’m pretty sure he loved women as he painted them so beautifully. Totally agree that the modern photos and the mix with the fabrics seem to be paying homage to Klimt. They are actually rather cool.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Laura. Thank you for your lovely comment. Fashion imitates art sometimes and it’s so beautiful to see the results, Vogue made an amazing job with this photo shoot. Klimt is one of my favorite artists as well, he empowered women by making them his main focus of attention, he liked red haired ones the most. xoxo

      1. I’m crazy about red hair as well! I had it when I was in college..although it wasn’t a good well kept look on me! Always go back to red if it’s what you love! Red is fab!

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