Fashion Talk_Magnetic and 3D Nails

Hello readers,

You might have noticed that Nail Art and Nail polishes are all the range now and beauty saloon’s are opening Nail bar’s that are becoming fully booked even during lunch hours. This has something to do with the Nails inc. brand, founded by entrepreneur Tea Green who is only 35 now and started the company when she was 24. Other brands are setting trends and innovating in a world where innovation seemed to be staling. The next big thing is statement nails. Now it’s okay to experiment with a different color in each nail, it’s okay to wear them long, purple and witch like and it’s okay to paint them with fuchsia pink hello kitty doll’s if that’s your thing!! There are new trends appearing now like the fishnet nail polishes, that give you a pattern feel in the nail, these are usually in metallic colors ( green, silver, gold).  Also the nail jewellery trend is becoming quite popular if you want to glam up your look. Personally I like to keep my nails not too long and round, I don’t apply any gel or anything like that, they are natural. I like mate simple colors that are easy to match with different outfits but I think these new trends are really amazing and kudos if you can keep up with the time and patience needed to keep these nails looking perfect!


Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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