My Style choices!

Hello readers,

Easter puts me in a good mood, although I’m not with my family to celebrate it this year. I’ll be going to a friend’s house which can be the closest thing! I’ve decided to do a feature on ‘Romantic Dresses’ because I felt inspired by all the beautiful lace and ethereal colors for this Spring/Summer. Let me know what you think about them. I don’t think I could wear the most glamorous ones anywhere but they look so beautiful. I mean, I can’t think of a place or special occasion that would require such delicate dresses. On the other hand girls should wear dresses like this if they feel like it, even if it’s not a special occasion, the dress can make the occasion right?

I’ll probably try wearing them when I go for a coffee at Starbucks! 😛 Otherwise I won’t wear them at all right? And you? Where would you wear them?

Which one is your favorite?




13 thoughts on “My Style choices!

      1. Sure you’ll find a piece you love in your wardrobe! Fashion is all about the feeling that comes with it – to me…Happy Easter!

  1. I absolutely adore the Lipsy and Jonesandjonesfashion ones and I agree that it’s hard to find ‘occasions’ to wear such dresses to so we just have to make them up or wear them anyway! I’d probably wear my faves on dates.

  2. I love the second dress! The one from Hollister! I love anything with bows on them!

    The 2nd last one (from Selfridge) also looks great! Its feminine and it works for any occasions.

    Great choices there! Love them!

  3. I love the dresses!!
    I always make the occasion for a cute dress!! If I feel like wearing it it’s occasion enough!!
    I´d love to wear the second McQueen and the Valentino!! And I can see myself with the two in the middle of the top row, for a photo shoot or a party any time!!

Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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