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Fashion imitates Art once again

Hello readers,

As I was browsing through New Look’s website, I came across a dress (first image) that immediately reminded me of the whole Neoplasticism movement that started in the Netherlands in 1917. The Stijl meaning ‘style’ in dutch best known artist is abstract painter Piet Mondrian (1899- 1944 ) and he keeps inspiring us until today. I did some research and found out that in the 60’s Yves Saint Laurent did a ‘Mondrian’ day dress as an evolution of the sack dress. Neoplasticism has been inspiring people up until today, isn’t Art grand?

Do you still remember the Loreal Studio line packaging? Yup Mondrian, rocking it since 1899 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fashion Talk

  1. This is such a classic…and so many designers have used it as inspiration for their pieces! I personally love the second dress you have pictured here!

    1. Yes those crossovers are really amazing and they happen all the time, it’s lovely.
      I’m an artist, illustrator, designer, teacher, many things lol but mainly I love any form of artistic expression!

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