My style choices!

Where are you Spring?

Hello readers,

I know the rest of the ‘world’ is celebrating spring and wearing the beautiful colors this Spring/Summer has to offer but here in the UK, even thought last week was sunny ( I think that was our summer week), it still feels like winter.. not even autumn for that matter. It’s 8ºC in the mornings and the real feel according to my Accuweather phone app is 3ºC. So i don’t have a clue what to wear.. I still haven’t got my spring/summer clothes out and thinking back that was probably a good idea. I wanted to post beautiful colors and brighten your days with the spring freshness but I feel a bit sad going back to my winter clothes and mixing them with my autumn ones to create the ‘Spring in the UK’ look. Today will be mostly cloudy with showers and the temperature won’t rise beyond 10ºC. You see, for me Spring should be at least 15ºC to even be in the ‘Spring category’  and that means both max. and low temperatures should meet at 15ºC.. ( I’m so demanding of English weather…lol).

Meanwhile, leaving all this gloominess behind me. I’ll try and close my eyes and imagine it’s spring and this is what I would wear today:

P.S. From the amount of items in the Beach look I think you can imagine where I would like to be 🙂


6 thoughts on “My style choices!

    1. LOL…You beat me to it…to echo your thought “I love the Tangerine Combo”… dang, it is still Winter in the UK ? It feels like summer already in Texas…I Hate Texas summers, it is humid as heck….meh…

      1. It’s supposed to be ‘Spring’, but here in the northwest of England it still feels like winter to me.. I can only imagine what it feels like to have a hot humid summer..I bet it can be quite uncomfortable 🙂 Wish u a breezy week 🙂

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