My style choices

Dear readers,

First of all ‘Happy April fool’s day’!!!

For those of you who thought I was going ‘crazy’ posting this ‘ensemble’ up here (like I’ve wore it today) my apologies. For those of you who thought that I could actually wear it in public …tss tss.. (shame on you…. I thought I was portraying myself as a ‘sensible fashion kind of girl’ – teardrops rolling down my face). 😉

It’s like what I’ve written before in previous posts, there are a couple of trends right now I tend to ‘ not even try on’ and that’s probably because they reminisce of my 80’s and 90’s ‘baddd’ ( so bad they needed extra D’s) fashion choices, but I had an excuse back then (being a kid and all). Now I see the revival of many many fashion feds of the past. They might look ‘okay’ or even ‘good’ in other people if they combine them well and balance them with more demure pieces, but they tend to leave a ‘baddd’ taste in my mouth, you know what I mean?




17 thoughts on “My style choices

  1. Awesome! Looks like the top threw up, the pants got a black screen error and the shoes can’t event look at each other! 😉

  2. Haha!! I could have loved that when i was 12!!! That was in the 80’s of course…
    But i would wear the pants now any night! The bag, hat and shoes too, but in a very different combination

    1. Indeed 🙂 I use to wear colorful tops like that with printed pants (crazy crazy) 😛 Those pants would look good with a white or black tee 🙂 i guess everything in a different combination could work! 🙂

      1. I kept thinking about this outfit and I have decided it is not bad after all…lol…Who is is to say what is bad?…some peoples fashion faux pas might just be another’s fashion statement:)

      2. That’s very true dudubeauty! Like I say in the post! For myself I can’t really wear it but I would probably like to see it in other people! Some people see fashion as a way to shock and cause a reaction, in that sense fashion can be like art and art is not always pretty! 😉

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