Celebrity Style_Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf

Hello dear readers!!!

Today as I’ll be going to the gym to play badminton with a dear friend I decided to leave my ‘street style’ fashion choices to be decided after lunch 🙂  I’ve always liked Blair Wardorf style in Gossip girl, although I don’t follow the show regularly as I find it very much like a Mexican soap opera ( for those of you who have seen them you know what i’m talking about right??) and it can be addictive I know, you think to yourself: ‘Why I’m I even watching this?..oh but they look so pretty, and I wanna see them happy again, why don’t they stay together already ???’  😛 I know I know…( I suffer from it too).

Meanwhile I took this look from season 5 and I really like it. What do you think?

Yes I know it’s spring and this is winter clothes ..but it’s getting chilly again in the UK and I really like this outfit 😛 so there lol


5 thoughts on “Celebrity Style_Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf

  1. I loooove Leighton Meester!!!! And I love her style in Gossip Girl!!! I hate that her character is so bitchy, but she plays it great.. and yes I’m addicted to Gossip Girl,
    Too bad I can’t wear this kind of style… but it looks amazing on her!!

    1. Yes, she is very bitchy but has a big heart ( who knew right?) It’s addictive I know!!!! I wish I could wear it too, but people might look at me and think: ‘who does she think she is? Blair Waldorf? ‘ LOL

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