My style choices

Hello helloooo

We are having quite a couple of sunny days here in the UK. Quite unusual for early Spring, but ‘I’ll go with ( yeah) and even thought my spring/summer clothes are packed (and currently unavailable) I’ll do my best to please Mr. SUN 🙂 ( Oh how I missed u my dear long lost friend). The thing is that early mornings are usually around 8ºC – 10ºC, 5ºC if you wake up really early (before 8 am) but It can gradually change to 15ºC, today it’s expected to be around 18ºC/19ºC. I just hope it is as good as yesterday!!!! The sun actually kissed my face and this never happened to me in the UK 🙂

Soo, today I’m wearing this:

What do you think? I had to put a blazer and tights because I’ll spend all day out, and in the mornings its cold 🙂 But it still feels like spring right??? 🙂


6 thoughts on “My style choices

    1. Hello Daniela, I would love to post a picture of myself but I’m a bit shy with my blog at the moment! Still test-driving it a bit you know? ( I started it on the 22nd) Thanks so much for commenting. Today I woke up to 7 comments and it really warmed my heart 🙂

      1. I just love to see what real people dress like, much more than models or celebs, that’s why I do a blog on street style!!
        That’s why I love that Chanel ad with that phrase, “Il n’y a pas de mode si elle ne descend pas dans la rue.”
        I hope you like my blog too!!!

      2. Yes I think high street fashion is much more interesting as well. You can really tell a person’s taste by what they chose to wear, traces of a personality might show on their clothing choices. Different influences and mix matching opportunities that you just don’t get with fashion shows(all from the same label, and/or collection) or celebrity ( personal stylist who picks out their outfits, makeup and hairstyle).Your blog is lovely, I go there all the time to check for updates. I have to start asking people’s permission to take their photos, I see all these styles that are so well put together and seem effortless. I’m too shy to ask them I guess.

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