Fashion Trend – Scarves

Dear readers, today I felt inspired to talk about scarves. I’ve used them a bit through out the years but I never made a fashion statement with them because I never knew how to use them properly and when it was appropriate to do so or not. Turns out you can use them when you feel like it and every situation can have its own ‘appropriate’ style of scarf. They are available in every beautiful color you can imagine, with different sizes, different price ranges and different styles for everyone. They are an investment because scarves never go out of fashion. As you look around high street fashion, scarves are all the range and have been in fashion for decades, doing their dutifully part as fashion accessories that sometimes we forget to use.

Though in past decades it was really high class to use them, because they were made of pure silk ( and expensive) and aimed at  high class women who used them in all sorts of  classy events ( for e.g.). French women, for me, are the living ‘essence’ of scarf using elegance. They use it in their everyday fashion routine and it comes almost effortless to them as it is so intrinsic to their own culture. I went to Paris last year and I just wanted to use scarves all the time because you see women everywhere using them, and they looked amazing. As my mom would say: ‘I’m not wearing a scarf to go to the supermarket, makes no sense. So I never go anywhere fancy and when I do I forget i have them and eventually will never take them off the closet.’ She never said that in so many words but its a reality that some women go through, personally I think it’s a pity to ‘waste’ a good scarf because they’re just lying there in the closet, not having a chance to go outside and see the world ( lol). If you think about it, you are making your scarves hostages, never letting  them go out and enjoy fashion with you. But seriously now,  I think if you like scarves use them, because whether you bought them or someone else gave them as a gift, you shouldn’t assume you have to use them in any special occasion, just think that every day is a day for celebration because you are here and the world is your oyster. Just start using them slowly, experimenting with them. Maybe what happens is that some women lack the confidence (?) to use them whenever they feel like it, if you feel that way, just remember this: you make your own style with everyday wear as well, and it should be about ‘you’ and what makes you feel confortable so if you want to wear that scarve your Nana gave you for Christmas wear it proudly and say it out loud or mentally to your self ( depending on the kind of person you are) F* this I’m wearing this scarf to go to sainsbury’s and I’ll wear it proudly! 🙂

Here are some scarves suggestions. Which one is your favorite?? I love the 4th one from the top… 🙂


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