Fashion Feds of the 80’s

Almost everything that was around in the 80’s stayed in the 80’s (fashion wise and otherwise). Thankfully, because some of the stuff people used to wear were just mad. This article reminds me of it

I remember the shoulder pads were in almost every coat my mom had ( and still has…err..). I used to ask her: why do they put this shoulder pads in with the coat and my mom would reply: So it doesn’t damage the fabric while its in the hanger ( made sense to me…).

The stretch stirrup pants I can say that I’ve personally used them while in my pre-adolescent years and I say it now as I look into pictures of myself looking like that : this suited no one...I was skinny and tall so it wasn’t a total disaster…

I’ve also wore oversized tops/sweaters ( to go with the stretch stirrup pants or instead wore jeans that were always to big for my size – ‘you’ll grow into them’ – never did!!!!) that came in every possible pattern you can imagine and my mother used to combine my ‘ensemble’ with a blouse underneath, that had the biggest collar ever… usually with some sort of fruit on it.. So are you getting the picture?  Erase that…

Yes I confess I wore all of the above fashion feds. But my mom dressed it’s not all 100% my fault 😛 sorry mom, had to be said 😛 hehehe Love u though!

Oh if I could turn back time… I probably wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂


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