Non Fashionista

Let me welcome you dear reader to my new blog. Thank you for reading what will become (without a doubt!!!) the most amazing non fashionista blog around the blog sphere 🙂

First things first, in order for you dear reader to better understand what will happen during your stay in this media space, I will:

– Talk about fashion, discuss the latest fashion trends, give updates on new fashion collections, talk about past collections and their impact and also give personal suggestions.

All of this will be accompanied by the notion that fashion is about : having fun , experimenting, knowing yourself and what suits your shape and style the best , to feel better and empower yourself to believe that you can be whom ever you want and feel proud showing it .


3 thoughts on “Non Fashionista

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I wish we had a Bravissimo’s in Canada. Truly!! I am ‘well endowed’ in the chest area to my dismay. Now that I am older I am more comfortable in my body. TMI I’m sure lol anyways outfits are awesome!!

    1. Thank you for commenting integrityisyou! I had the same problem growing up (I didn’t even know my back or cup size).Now I just accept my curves and embrace the bobbies lol

Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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