Nail Art New Trend ( Caviar manicure)


Don’t know if you had a change to read the article I’ve posted on Caviar Nails taken from the Fashionista blog. First of all these nails look really beautiful, a dignified shot for a beauty magazine to say the least. Last year we were offered new colors in beautiful metallic hues and now we start to see this new texturized nail glamour called ‘Caviar Mani’. I don’t know about all of you but I have a hard time putting on regular nail polish as it is without it chipping away after a couple of days ( or even when I’m applying it-sniff) and I keep imagining how it would be like to apply this ‘caviar mani’. I guess you would have to be a ‘savy nail polish girl’ like some of my friends who change nail polish every week or something.. I unfortunately ( without no fault of my own – i really tried to do my own manicure but I’m all thumbs) don’t posses such skills! YET….


Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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