Fashion Victims


This image by Andipantz portays the Fashion Victim concept to extreme. A term first used (it is said) by Oscar de la Renta when speaking about people who are unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style. These ‘fashion victims’ are vulnerable to faddishness and materialism (consequences of an excessive globalized fashion world). They are unaware or lack their own individual style so they learn to emulate what is ‘hot in fashion right now’ regardless if it has anything to do with what they like to wear or feel like. Versace says that ´When a woman alters her look too much from season to season, she becomes a fashion victim’.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Victims

    1. I’d like to thank you ‘dudubeauty’ you’ve been commenting in almost every post and It’s so wonderful to read your inputs and to know that someone is reading your blog so carefully. 🙂

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